“Hexapla – The Remasters” will be available soon!

First it was Hexapla with its raw, thick sound. Then I started to record a couple of new songs for an upcoming album and experimented a lot with various guitar tunes, bass sounds and drum settings. I sometimes even played a lot with the original mixing and mastering of Hexapla, and realized that both can be fine-tuned in various ways. I became more and more curious about exploring the various possibilities and created a slightly different sound for the old songs that was somewhat brighter and at the same time more layered than the original mix.

Then I talked a lot to my friend (the one who created the beautiful cover photo of Hexapla), and he suggested me to remix/remaster the whole album. First I was hesitant, because I wanted to concentrate on the new songs, rather than playing with the older material for countless hours. However, I also became more and more curious about the possibility to reissue the original songs with slightly different sound characteristics. And so it happened: finally I did the job and Hexapla was born for the second time. The final mix of the six songs now utilizes slightly different, somewhat thicker and deeper guitar sound, while I also replaced the original synth bass lines with “normal” guitars to get a more fat characteristics of the mix. I also tried to add more “layers” to the sound, in the hope that the final mix can show more of the small details of the album.

Hexapla – The Remasters will be out on 31. March, 2022. I’ll soon post more details with pre-save links to the individual songs on various streaming services, like Spotify or AppleMusic.

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