On feedback, encouragement and art

It’s been almost one month since Missa Innominata came out, and I feel like writing a short summary on this exciting period of time.

In contrast to the previous one, I decided to promote this release on various online platforms like Facebook or Instagram, and this little promotion campaign resulted in a rise in numbers of streams, listens and followers. I, however, seriously think that there is one single thing, which is even more important than the numbers regarding the reception of my album(s): the direct feedback of the community – family, friends, music enthusiasts, followers, and in general everyone, who feel like connected in any way to me or to my music. Therefore, first of all I would like to thank all of you who dedicated your precious time to my previous and recent albums and gave them a listen – I really appreciate your support! I’m extremely grateful for your comments, likes, reposts or any kind of your feedback: please, always be aware that without this constant encouragement it would have been very hard for me to maintain my original impetus and stay focused and motivated. Thank you for being here and walk this path with me!

Also, (as many of you know) SoundCloud provides a great opportunity to comment, repost and numerically rate songs for everyone – so besides the aforementioned “direct” ways of getting feedback from people visiting my website, subscribing to my Spotify or YouTube channels, or checking my Bandcamp page, this is a great opportunity for getting further feedback from random listeners, too. And I must admit that reading these comments was also a heartwarming experience – not to mention the overall scores of my songs that are currently varying between 8.5 and 8.9 out of the maximum 10. All in all – at least based on these initial reactions from supporters and random listeners – Missa Innominata performs well; and this is something that makes me feel grateful, happy, and – I must admit… – proud, too.

Art (at least how I see it…) is a bi-directional process: l’art pour l’art (at least in its purest form) is something unacceptable for me. Painting a picture or writing a sonata just for the sake of the creative process itself seems to me somewhat insufficient, somewhat out of focus. Without doubting the fundamental value of finding joy in creative processes, I see art basically as a powerful tool to transfer feelings, emotions and messages from person to person: a channel connecting people in a very intimate and emotional way. When words fail, music speaks – and in this context it can sometimes be the only chance for us to transcend our limitations and finiteness. Music gives us a chance to fight a heroic struggle against the separation of human from human, and a weapon to combat the sometimes so evident overall sadness of the mortal human existence. That’s why it’s always so touching to see your visits and likes on my pages and read your comments: these simple and very important signs of your presence are those momentums that constantly remind me that I’m not alone on this journey of transmitting feelings through the channels of metal music. There are always people “on the other end of the line”, and my messages (it may sound weird to mention “messages” in the context of instrumental music, but still: my messages are my feelings that I try to express in my musical creations) are heard.

Thank you for being here in our little, but constantly growing community. Thank you for inspiring me and giving me the chance to create and transmit musical messages that would otherwise remain pointless, locked inside the hard drive of a computer in my home.

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