New baby in the family

I already posted something about it on my Instagram page, but for the record, let me show you guys a photo of my new family member: an LTD B-10 bass guitar.

I must admit that during the years I seriously got fed up with the constant experimentation on how to mimic a decent bass sound by MIDI-programmed bass lines (what I did on the original Hexapla) or pitch shifting/filtering the sound of my guitar (this is what I experimented with on the remastered Hexapla and Missa Innominata). I, however, was never 100% happy with the result, so finally I decided to buy a bass guitar and quit experimenting. Still, as I’m primarily not a bass player, I didn’t want to buy a highly sophisticated and expensive instrument: what I needed was a simple, handy and comfortable bass guitar to play all the future bass lines with. It’s not a secret that I’ve been an ESP/LTD fan since I bought my main instrument, an LTD EC-256 electric guitar. My new LTD B-10 didn’t disappoint me either: it has a thin U-shaped neck, clearly-sounding ESP Designed pickups and an active Tone Boost Control: it’s precise and comfortable, easy to play, sounds great and looks killer.

I already recorded more than one hour raw material for a future album, and a huge part of it is finally supported by “normal”, traditionally recorded bass tracks. Naturally 90 percent of these riffs and solos will never get into the final songs, but right now I enjoy fooling around bass lines and optimizing a thick, heavy and brutal sound.

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