2022 on Spotify

It seems that 2022 was a pretty good year for me, at least in terms of Spotify listens, sharing and downloads. If we compare the number of streams (254 vs. 3800), listeners (48 vs. 455), total listening time (20.3 vs. 420 hrs) as well as the number of countries where my songs were played (13 vs. 55) in 2021 and 2022, respectively, then the difference is clearly visible.

To be honest, I’m quite speechless now. I never create summaries on such numbers – not because I’m not interested in the progress of my music, but simply because I’m too engaged in practicing the guitar, creating new songs or learning new skills like sound recording, mixing and mastering. My numbers may not seem particularly high compared to well-known bands with professional promotion, but for an independent solo artist who can dedicate only part of his free time to these activities, they mean the world. Sometimes it seems hard to find something really meaningful in this world, but music is definitely one of those few that carry a very special meaning and give me constant inspiration and joy.

Thank you all for making it possible! Thank you for listening to my music and being with me on this exciting journey – and stay tuned, as the new stuff is already on its way!

Spotify wrapped

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