A couple of thoughts on a foggy Saturday evening

Numbers can’t describe anything that belongs to the qualitative domain of our reality. Still, I’m quite speechless to see that there are 11 people out there who listened to my songs so many times that it qualitifed me to be one of their Top10 artists. And what is even more amazing, I became one of the Top5 artists of 5 of my followers! A special, huge thanks to all of you guys!

This year proved to be a busy one: I remixed and remastered my first album and created a brand new one. Also, I substantially upgraded my gear (both on the hardware and software side), learned mixing and mastering and wrote a bunch of new songs for an upcoming album. Besides, I had official duties (as most of the independent artists, I also have a regular 9-5 job to make a living that I can spend on guitar gear and software upgrades LOL…) and started to write album and concert reviews as well as do interviews for a Hungarian metal webzine. Taking all these activities together, it was fun but demanding – and now I feel like I have to prioritize my diversified duties.

First of all, I want to further polish my mixing/mastering skills. I’m not at all unhappy with the sound of my albums (especially after the quality rise with the remastered Hexapla), but I see quite clearly the direction I’ll try to take in the future. I aim for a more brutal, thicker and deeper guitar sound – therefore I already started doing experiments with my BiasFX 2 virtual guitar rig. Also, I upgraded my virtual drum instrument and try to achieve an even clearer and more polished mix. I always considered my musical journey as a way of continuous experimentation and improvement, so I’m not ashamed to admit that I still see a quite large space for future development both on the musical and production side. While the development of a songwriter and guitarist is a rather organic process, I wanted to facilitate my production skills by subscribing to one of my favorite mixing and mastering resource page run by the well-known mixing engineer, Chris Selim. Following the years of self-education, I think it’s time to take the next necessary step, and internalize organized learning material to acquire all the details that only a skilled, professional mixing engineer can hand over. I’m quite confident that the new guitar and drum sound together with an improvement in my mixing abilities will result in a dramatic increase in the sound quality of the forthcoming album.

And finally, what is even more important: I will release a new album next year. I still don’t know, when, though – I try not to stress myself with the preparations (although I already recorded a quite huge amount of guitar tracks, I’m sure that only a few of them will appear in the final mix). I plan to put together a darker, sadder material than you could hear on Missa Innominata: it’s not that my thoughts became somewhat darker recently (they were always like that LOL…), but this time I feel like showing you guys something from this side of my mind. You’ll find more pain and sadness with various feelings of loss, loneliness, helplessness and guilt on that material, wrapped in heavy-weight, killer and sometimes slightly dissonant (almost jazzy) guitar themes. Still, I hope you’ll like it as much as you like my previous albums.

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