Of past and present guitars

Well, to cut a long story short, I have a new Jackson (a fast, and modern metal axe) in the Darkwave family. Buying a Jackson finally put an end to a decade-long yearning: the fact that I had to sell my old PS2 Performer approximately 20 years ago always made me somewhat sad. Since then, I’ve been constantly eyeing Jacksons from the corner of my eye, until now… Look at this beauty:

The new Jackson actually put me into a somewhat nostalgic mode: it made me remember not only my old PS2 Performer but also my very first electric guitar, a Jolana Strat. For those who are not familiar with this gem of the former Czechoslovakian music industry, let me show you a couple of pictures of this highly uncomfortable and suboptimal guitar. Still, I’m grateful for this very simple musical instrument, because this gave me the first impetus to become a guitar fanatic.

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