We did it!

Well, it seems that another serious milestone was reached: Darkwave just hit 100 followers on Spotify!

Let me stop here for a while! For an independent musician like me, reaching such an important milestone is a serious reason to celebrate. It’s not every day when a small, one-piece musical project hits 100 follower on the biggest music sharing platform – especially not in times when 100.000 songs get into Spotify’s database every day. This success, however, doesn’t exclusively belong to me: this is a serious achievement of the whole community around Darkwave. We did this together: everyone in the Darkwave family had a significant contribution to achieve it by following, supporting and continuously encouraging me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being with me on this wonderful journey. I just ask you one simple thing: please stay with me, keep following and supporting me – and of course stay tuned, because good news are coming!

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