The new album is almost ready!

This is the post that should have already been written weeks ago. I should have shared my joy with you guys earlier: the recording and mixing of the new album is finally finished!

The whole process is not 100% complete yet, though. I still have to spend a couple of days with mastering and fine-tuning the tracks. Also, I must upload the result somewhere to distribute the new album on the main streaming platforms, and it will probably take an additional couple of weeks. But first I must put aside everything for one or two weeks, in order to have a chance to re-listen to the new songs with “fresh ears”. My brain and auditory system are already saturated with the constant sound-overload: I must double-check the tracks again from a certain “distance”, to identify any possible weak points.

What to expect from these new songs? First of all, I think I succeeded to work out a significantly improved, clearer and more robust sound. Although it’s not easy for a home studio to compete with “real” studios quality-wise, I think this time I managed to do a quite decent job. The new songs sound fatter, darker and more compact than the previous ones (someone whose opinion I rely on so much even said to me the other day that the new material “sounds very confident”). Also, I tried to keep the new songs in a more compact shape than I did in the lengthy and multifaceted compositions of Missa Innominata, while maintaining the raw and uncontrolled energy that was characteristic to Hexapla. Furthermore, I applied either classical or sometimes even more experimental harmonies that seemed to me to represent many of my feelings and thoughts that were inside my heart and head while working on these tracks. Therefore, the new songs intentionally incorporate a wide variety of emotions ranging from distraction, sadness and bitterness to joy, grandeur and hope. I really can’t wait to show you the result of almost one year’s hard work and I do hope that you will like these songs!

Also, let me share with you the title and tracklist of the new album. The album will be entitled “Thanatology”, which is “the scientific study of death and the losses brought about as a result” (quote from Wikipedia). I have been meditating a lot about the “big questions” of human existence lately, and many of the books I read was somewhat concerned about the ultimate meaning of life and death, too. That really made a deep impact on the way of my thinking, and this is what you can see represented in the tracklist, too:

  1. The Last Wasted Dawn
  2. Stepping Through The Shadow Line
  3. Necronym
  4. Legacy Of The Worthless
  5. All Shall Perish
  6. Farewell Before Sunset

Stay tuned friends, because more news are about to come!

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