The first 50 followers on Spotify!

“Success is nothing, if you don’t have the right people to share it with; you’re just gonna end up lonely.” (Selena Gomez)

I’m not particularly proud of it, but I hadn’t known much about Selena Gomez before I read this quote from her – but I must admit that it really hit me hard. You guys – the inner circle of my Darkwave family – are those who have been following me from the very beginning of my journey on this vast ocean of music on various platforms according to your personal preferences, habits, tastes and needs. The wide variety of these platforms and networking possibilities made it necessary to create a common connecting point: a website, where we all can meet and share news with each other. And the big news for today is that Darkwave now has no less than 50 followers on Spotify!

This is an important milestone for me (no, there’s nothing symbolic in this number, but still, I find it a remarkable checkpoint!) and I know very well, what does it mean. It means that I found at least 50 dedicated listeners in that specific corner of the world of music, who share the same taste, artistic ideas and vision on music like me. Probably there are even more, but I consider 50 followers on Spotify – where you must practically fight even for the slightest attention – a great achievement, and I’m truly grateful for that. And what is more: if my favorite theory depicting music as one of the most sophisticated ways of building bridges between different persons is right, then my music started to accomplish its duty of building those bridges.

You guys hopefully know well, how grateful I am for the support that comes from each and every one of you! Going back to the quote from Selena Gomez: you are the right people to share my joy with. Thank you for traveling with me on this exciting and inspiring journey!