The long and windy road

Before I start, let me apologize for my long absence – it’s been a while since I posted anything, and it was with a reason.

First of all, lately I’ve been having health issues. Nothing to worry about, though – it’s just time and energy-consuming to find the time for all those physical examinations, especially that I have a regular 9-5 job and live in the suburbs. So, in the last couple of weeks my energy was mainly dedicated to carry on with the necessary things. Besides, I’ve been constantly struggling to find a good guitar tone – I know that once or twice I showed you interim results of my experimentation in Bias FX2 (or more recently, Neural DSP), but the battle is still raging on. All of my previously used guitar tones sounded suboptimal to me, so I tried to find new ways to achieve a robust, still crispy and clear guitar sound. Anyway, I think I’m finally on the right track: I experimented a lot with various amp, cab and mic settings, and ended up with a clear, but robust sound (please find below a short excerpt from the first demo recording that may give you an impression on not just the tone, but the overall feeling of the song).

Please let me know in the comments, whether you like it or not!