Basic toolkit for a self-promoted musician

Based on the title of De Quincey’s excellent book (Confessions of an English Opium-Eater) I thought it would be fun to create a blog entry with the title of “Confessions of a Hungarian Self-Promoted Guitarist“). However, finally I found the idea too much and a little constrained, so I chose a much less pompous heading for such a brief blog entry on this rainy Sunday evening. I don’t want to whine much about the hardships of being an independent artist: I think there are more pros than cons here, and I find it clearly refreshing that I don’t have to adjust myself and my music to the momentary needs of the music industry and market. So I stay on the positive side and enjoy my independence.

Still, it’s always good to let the world know that I still exist and do stuff that people may eventually like. I, therefore, made a small promo presentation for my Instagram page using a very handy app called Canva. The presentation is practically a carousel of infographics with uniform design and condensed information on how to find me and my various weblinks. I’ve never done something like this before: it was fun and took quite some time, so I’m really curious about the outcome.

Check it out here (or below, by clicking on the images) if you are interested in such presentations, and let me know, what you think!