Soundcloud statistics (as of 14.03.2023)

OK, I know that SoundCloud doesn’t own the philosopher’s stone, and it’s a rather closed community of music enthusiasts, but at least it offers reasonable amount of useful feedback resources. I was just checking my statistics and look, what I found. Below you can see the average ratings of all my songs (from 0 – 10), together with the total number of ratings per each songs.

HexaplaAverage ratingTotal number of ratings
Hexapla – The RemastersAverage ratingTotal number of ratings
Missa InnominataAverage ratingTotal number of ratings
Agnus Dei8.746

What does it all mean?

First of all it means that the average ratings of my albums are high and uniform (8.7/10, 8.8/10 and 8.6/10 for Hexapla, Hexapla – The Remasters and Missa Innominata, respectively). Also, the songs of each albums were scored by 34-58 people, which is really a huge amount of feedback!

I am more than aware of the importance of the feedback and support I constantly receive from you guys, no matter which platform you use to listen to my songs or to communicate with me. Still, the fact that you valued my tracks so high and gave them such incredible scores is heartwarming – and pleasantly unexpected (!) – to me. Thank you for the feedback – this is exactly, what gives me motivation and inspiration to carry on on this long and windy road of making independent music totally by myself! (Btw, I would have said the same if the feedback hadn’t been so positive. I really appreciate the time you spent with listening and scoring – and eventually even commenting! – my songs.)

Thank you for everything!

Agnus Dei is killing on the Re-Ex charts

SoundCloud has always been a great place for sharing music and building a lively community of musicians and music enthusiasts. RepostExcange by SoundCloud is a tool for distributing and promoting music and an excellent way to get feedback from other users. As it is stated by SoundCloud that “Re-ex chart positions are based on quality ratings from other members. This is more than a popularity contest“, I feel extremely honored that Agnus Dei is making waves not only in the Pop/Rock Top 40 (place 9 today, on the 3rd of July), but also in the Re-Ex Top 40 chart, a cumulative chart for all SoudCloud users belonging to various musical genres – it’s on place 29 today!