Album release countdown starts!

Missa Innominata will be available in one week (from 01.06.2022) on both Bandcamp and the main music sharing platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or Amazon Music.

When two or three years ago I first thought of recording and releasing my musical ideas, I had no idea on how long and how much effort will it take to put an album together. I definitely didn’t think of creating two full-length records (and also remixing one of them). Still – despite all the “logical considerations” – here I am now: my second album is coming out next week, and I’m already working on the third one. It’s been a long journey, full of challenges, efforts, learning and fun. Some say that the basis of every creative processes is self-motivation, but I only partly believe it’s true. I agree that there is no creative process without a motivated creator, but at the same time, there is no motivation without inspiration.

Thank you so much for your inspiring presence in my life. Thank you for traveling with me on this never-ending journey: without support, feedback and encouragement I’d definitely be less motivated to come out with something meaningful. It’s an awesome feeling to create songs and play the guitar, but it would be devastating to know that there was nobody on the other end of the line. Thank you for listening to my songs and giving me constant inspiration and support.

The countdown starts – see you on the 1st of June!

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