Countdown to the new release(s)

As some of you may already know, the remastered version of the original Hexapla debut album will come out in two weeks: it will be available from the 31st of March on the main streaming platforms. It took a tremendous amount of time and effort to remix and remaster the entire original album as well as to replace the synth-bass lines with “real” guitar tracks, but now I’m super happy that I did it and I’m very curious about your opinion on the new sound!

Also, I finally finished recording my next album. This process proved to be a quite long road, too: I started to come up with ideas for a possible future release already in August, 2021, and only by now (almost eight months later) could I finally finish recording all the guitar and bass tracks as well as programming most of the MIDI data (the symphonic and electronic inserts as well as the drum track. Although the MIDI data still need to be further polished, the basics are already there). Apart from the title of the new album (“Missa Innominata“, which means “Unnamed Mass” in Ancient Latin), I cannot disclose much of this future release, as most of the details are still in continuous movement, fluctuation and progress. However, by now I became absolutely sure that the album will contain six – relatively long – tracks with the average song lenght of more than 8 minutes (which altogether means more or less 52 minutes of total playing time). My dear friend Dávid Ujhelyi (the photo artist who kindly provided me the cover images for both Hexapla releases) already finished working on the new album cover representing the heavy and somewhat gloomy atmosphere of the new songs in a beautiful way. He did an awesome job and I’m sure you guys will like it!

Until then, I’ll still have a lot of work on polishing, mastering and mixing the original, unmixed raw tracks. I wish I could give you an estimated release date for Missa Innominata, but I wouldn’t predict it earlier than the summer of this year. Let’s, therefore, concentrate now on the release date of the remixed Hexapla album on the 31st of March! In the meantime I’ll try to speed up the mastering process and reach to a more or less final mix ASAP.

Thank you again for being here with me, and supporting my work!

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